Organización Driescher y Wittjohann

The Organization Driescher y Wittjohann is a group of companies with a clear conviction that growing and getting stronger is only achieved through a mutually beneficial relationship with each and every related party or stakeholder, with a direct or indirect business relationship.

Our daily operation is based on that mutually beneficial relationship, and therefore the benefit of such growth must be shared according to the contribution of each and every related party.

Our basic principles are: 1) honesty in our conduct, 2) responsibility with our job, 3) respect among each other, 4) productivity maximization, implemented in our daily operation through a systematic, methodological and iterative process of planning – programming – follow up – control -evaluation, within a strict frame of order and discipline.

The backbone of our Organization to assure all of the above is our computer system or ERP called “DRIWISA´s Integral System”, totally designed and programmed by us, that allows for a constant update due to market, technological and regulatory changes. This computer system enables the coordination or logistic among each and every related party or stakeholder´s activity all along the operational flowchart.

Certification of the guarantee of constant maximum quality, in all of our Organization´s activities and products, is given by our clientele and their preference to our brand due to the satisfaction  they experience in our business relationship, and the grade of competitiveness we have in the local and international markets.

Our DRIWISA´s Integral System provides accurate information for the following goals:

  • Constant optimization of our operational efficiency
  • Maximize profits in the long run
  • Control and contain costs
  • Assertively offer competitive prices
  • Assure maximum quality
  • Minimize delivery time
  • Maximize added value in our products and services
  • Performance in a preventive, not corrective, way
  • Minimize transaction costs

Our ERP provides quantitative and qualitative information, verifiable and objective, to optimize our decision making process.

We have a flat structure as opposed to a pyramidal one, with no authority or hierarchical levels (bureaucratic and rigid), but with clearly defined responsibilities for each member of the Organization, based on a perfectly detailed operational flowchart and controls. Flexible operation that enhances creativity and innovation.

Fully aware of each other´s responsibility every worker participates with his/her administrative or operating committee, achieving cohesion and congruence in the leadership, based on the systemic approach of our ERP.

All of the above, plus the observed results, explain the trustfulness that clients, suppliers, workers and stockholders have in our Organization.

We are a reliable Organization, operationally efficient, financially sound, morally solvent, excellent market positioning, highly motivated and well trained workers, innovative and creative, with no collection problems, legal issues or personnel turnover, and workers themselves do not accept unions.

Our integral approach to Social Responsibility:

  • Profit maximization to stockholders in the long-run, never in the short-run;
  • We aim to satisfy our operating and administrative workers´ basic needs as individuals and as families, to constantly improve their standard of living:
  • no one receives minimum wage, our lowest salary is several times the minimum wage
  • home improvements aids
  • academic aids up to bachelor´s degree
  • private doctors and health services
  • free legal assistance and services
  • encourage and provide sports facilities and cultural activities
  • We are convinced that every worker must be given the opportunity and the tools to improve his/hers personal capabilities.
  • Together with our suppliers we search for an innovative approach to actual technologies, quality improvement and cost containment.
  • We keep permanent communication with our clients to achieve total empathy and the added value they require. Clientele confidence is gained through:
    • our products and services reliability
    • product development (tailored made products and services)
    • continuous improvement
    • protection to their assets and security for their employees
    • constant quality technically defined
    • strict fulfillment and certainty with terms and conditions
  • We comply with, and promote, international standards.
  • We comply with all tax regulations.
  • We voluntary comply far beyond environmental regulations, always looking for energy efficiency. We are a clean (green) Organization.
  • We have no political involvement.
  • We firmly oppose corruption; for us corruption is a lack of will and capability or competency in the search for continuous improvement, creativity or innovation to compete in open markets: companies engaged in corruption are not competitive; they promote corruption to be able to sell their products or services.
  • For us open and transparent competition is positive and necessary.
  • We aim for capital formation in the long run.
  • Political contributions are strictly forbidden.
  • We respect our employee´s political affiliation.
  • We are convinced that a more equalitarian income distribution to overcome poverty is not viable by the government alone (it´s scope of vision is definitely limited): being the private enterprise the basic economic unit it can fulfill such goal with more control and effectiveness.

We have proved ourselves that social responsibility is highly profitable.