About Us

The Driescher and Wittjohann Organization is a group of companies aimed to grow and strengthen a mutually beneficial business relationship with all stakeholders, based on a strict organized and disciplined programming.

Driescher and Wittjohann Organization´s growth is due to this mutually beneficial business relationship, and therefore the benefits of such growth should be shared according to each stakeholder´s commitment.

We are manufacturers with more than 50 years in the national mexican market.

Excellent manufacturing and delivery times.

We deliver electrical solutions.

Our History:

Driescher y Wittjohann, S.A. (DW) was founded in México in 1969, by Fritz Driescher AG (based in the German Federal Republic) and Heinz Wittjohann a German electrical engineer settled in México.

Fritz Driescher AG, a minority stakeholder, provides technology, certain components and technical support.
The first manufacturing facility was established in Tlalnepantla, Estado de México, operating until 1975 to move to the actual facility in Naucalpan, Estado de México.

In 1977 the company sadly experienced the death of Heinz Wittjohann, who left the Organization with the highest quality standard, strongly positioning the brand nationwide.
That strong brand positioning has been carefully kept up to today, enhancing our export sales.

In 1983 DW initiates exports to Central and South America. Through time has expanded its product catalog offering in 2010 SUBSTATIONS (leading the Mexican market) and DISTRIBUTION PANELS in 2018.

Among its clients, DW includes multinational corporations as well as local SUBSTATIONS assemblers, all over the American continent. CFE, PEMEX, TELMEX have been constant buyers.

Originally DW’s designs and technology complied with ANSI standards.
Today DW products comply also with IEC standards.

Today DW offers the Mexican and export markets the complete electrical arrangement: SUBSTATION OR MEDIUM VOLTAGE SWITCHGEAR, TRANSFORMER, DISTRIBUTION PANEL, CAPACITOR BANK, full range of accessories and services, up to the initial operation of the electrical arrangement.

The DW Organization integrates solutions to all our clients needs of products and services, aiming at a constant growth and steady improvement, based on a strict order and discipline scheme.

We offer solutions for all your needs