At DRIWISA, we are the only ones offering you our solution “TRIFECTA”

Over the past 50 years, Driescher and Wittjohann has been widely recognized for the Load Break Switches and their corresponding fuses.

Through time, the market required us metal enclosed or medium voltage switchgear, or substation, already assembled under our brand.

We have had a solid market acceptance because we have solved many supply chain problems.

Nowadays, the market requires us solutions for the complete electrical arrangement: medium voltage switchgear + transformer + switchboard + capacitor banks.

We work hand in hand with our customers, from the project´s first day on, analyzing, designing and quoting their complete electrical arrangement.

We include all necessary accessories and services until the project start up, under a rigorous schedule agreed upon with our customers.

Our responsibility is to avoid damage to your electrical/electronic equipment due to power supply failures from your utility company.